My Only Flaw Is You EP


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All songs written and performed by Vices.
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Alan Fleming.
Artwork by Oscar Hackett.
Special Thanks - Alan, Neil, Sam and Adam for being so supportive ever since we first met them. The Dublin Pop Punk scene for being awesome and letting us play gigs. All our families and friends for helping us out and most importantly, us; for being alive and all that.


released September 12, 2013



all rights reserved


VICES Dublin, Ireland

Pop Punk/Emo band from Dublin, Ireland.

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Track Name: Bury My Head
Rip me open and fill me with gasoline,
light a match to watch me burn.
I've hoped for better things but this is what I deserve,
I've hoped for better pills to settle these unsettled nerves.

Is this how it ends?

What did I do to deserve this?

These shattered dreams bring out the worst in me,
Go ahead and walk away,
I knew you didn't have the guts to stay

Is there much point in trying anymore,
when my mouth always starts a war

Bury my head underneath the surface,
These changes I've changed are completely worthless
Track Name: Send Help (I Need Someone To Save Me)
These bags under my eyes have become a permanent feature of my face

Send help - send help, I need someone to save me,
Send help - send help,
This high I've been getting off my drugs and,
I'll find a way so we'll never have to run,
We'll start to rot then we'll turn into dust

So much for the perfect life,
Who'd of thought it would come to this ending in such tragedy

I'm tired,
I'm hungry,
With no one to hold me
Track Name: You Should Have Left Me Alone
I'm falling apart from the inside out,
I feel that it's time for me to go.

All this time I thought you were my friend,
All this time I thought you were for me,
But now that I've seen into your head,
Now I know where I want to be

I'm having a near death experience,
from the constant consequence,
of your actions - they tore me apart

Who are you trying to impress,
me or the jury?

You should have left me alone
Track Name: Waiting
It's been raining for the past few weeks,
and I'm starting to feel the effects,
I've been waiting for Summer to hit and kill

I just keep coming back for more,
It was time to settle the score,
You won the battle but we won the war,
You won the battle

It's been 4 days since I've left my bed,
All because you're stuck in my head,
I've been waiting for illness to hit and kill me

I've been waiting for somebody,
someone to tell me it'll be okay,
so when I turn around I don't have to say I'm sorry
Track Name: Long Walk Home
Forget everything I said,
Repress the memories into that dark place in your head,
Cause we've come too far to let it all slip away

Tear me apart and breath me in,
I don't know when to end or where to begin

It's a long walk home from your house,
I haven't slept in days and I don't plan on sleeping in today

I don't have the time and you don't have the patience,
Let's find the line between lovers and acquaintance

I've lost everything that I stand for,
but I can live with that,
Falling face first onto the concrete floor,
I have nothing left
Track Name: My Only Flaw Is You
I know it's been said but it's true,
That my only flaw is you,
You crash and you burn but soon you'll learn,
That's there's no point in fighting

I keep finding new ways of falling,
But I still make the same mistakes

I know it's been said but it's true,
That my only flaw is you,
We feel the calm before the storm,
When the waves crash I won't mourn

I know it's been said but it's true,
That my only flaw is you